Birth doula / postpartum services / placenta encapsuLation


Brenda Bancroft

I am a DONA trained Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Death Doula, Health & Sexuality Educator. Approved Sexuality Facilitator for OWL (Our Whole Lives). Co-founder of the Sensual Woman's Soiree, a monthly community gathering for women, and quarterly co-facilitator at the Women's Temple Nights in New York City.

Birth began integrating into my life in 2006, when I was asked to be a birth coach for my sister, which radically shifted my life. At the time, I was untrained and it was my first time attending a birth. That singular experience taught me so much about living life (in such a brief period of time) that it completely altered my life's trajectory. Even with the power of that experience, it was still several years before I became a fully trained doula. Since becoming a doula, I've attended births in homes, birth centers and hospitals (including cesarean sections). I have experience working with people who want to birth naturally, as well as others who desire to have an epidural (or other pain relief). I'm completely honored to be a part of witnessing new beginnings for my clients and their families. Joining families as they grow bigger and stronger together is a sacred experience I treasure very deeply!

Certified Reiki Practitioner, Trained Birth Assistant, Washington State Certified NA-C. I am currently on the path of becoming a Midwife..

Cindy Neder

I was drawn to my work as a placenta encapsulation specialist and doula because of my hospital birth experience with the birth of my first child. Even with my partner there, I felt alone and that I was making choices for my birth that were not my intention. I realized that as a society, we have moved away from having support people at births and we are lacking the intense, intimate personal connection that a good support team brings to a birth. I realized that I needed someone with me at my first birth to hold the space and to help me reflect on this momentous occasion. If I had had a doula at my first birth, my experience of that birth may have been one I reflect on with more joy.

I am passionate about the huge transition that a birth is in a family's life, and this is a time in the life of the family where the birthing parent needs the most support they will ever need. This moment of labor and birth is so short and so intense my goal is to help ease the transition and support the family to bring a new life into the world.