"I had no idea what a Doula was, until my maternity yoga teacher spoke about it in class one day. She recommended Cindy and I decided to call her and meet with her at my home. I liked Cindy right away. She rang the doorbell and when I opened it, she gave me the most amazing, comforting hug ever. Right away I felt an instant comfort with her. Cindy was very warm and loving and really paid attention to what I said and felt.

A few days later, I had my husband meet Cindy at a Starbucks, and he too instantly liked her (my husband is very picky about people). I knew from this that Cindy would be a great doula. Cindy came over to our home for the first initial meeting, where she thoroughly explained everything to both of us. We also had a lot of fun paperwork to go over. As a team we set a birthing plan set in place. Cindy kept in touch from time to time to see how I was doing, and continued giving me support during my last few months of pregnancy.

Finally the day came and Cindy was here at 6am at my house with fresh flowers (because she knew how much I love flowers, that it would put a smile on my face and also calm me down). It was so very thoughtful of her. We all went to the hospital together and the journey began.

I was in labor for over 24 hours. I'd decided to be induced and therefore the process was much longer and more difficult for me than I'd expected. Unfortunately, I also had a horrible relationship with my Ob-Gyn, who was unkind and very un-empathetic. I’m telling you now, if it weren’t for Cindy I have no idea what I would have done! My husband and Cindy were both in the room with me at all times, but having Cindy was so important to me because what my husband couldn’t do, Cindy could. Also Cindy stayed up with me the whole time! She was constantly comforting me, encouraging me, and giving me detailed information about what was going on (as I felt severely sedated after receiving the epidural).

Especially since my Ob/Gyn was so unkind, having Cindy there really helped to smooth things along. I highly recommend Cindy as a doula. She is fantastic, and was born to be working in this field. I am very thankful to Cindy and will always have wonderfully fond memories of my birthing experience because of her!"
          -Tuli Roy Kirwan


"When we talked to Cindy for the first time, my husband and I knew she was 'The One'.

Cindy was an angel. Not only was she there for us before the birth, informative and supportive of our birthing choices, but she was there for me postpartum, kind and sympathetic like a friend.

From the day I met her, she gave me confidence that I could go through the natural child birth I had dreamed of. She was caring and sweet through every contraction, she was encouraging when I thought I wasn't going to make it through the next, she was considerate when my husband and I needed some space.

We are thankful we found her and are truly happy that she was there when our Penelope came into the world."
          -Alice & Alessio


"When I first became pregnant it seemed there was so much I didn’t know about babies and giving birth and parenting. It can seem very overwhelming. I kept hearing about moms-to-be hiring a doula. I didn’t really understand what a doula was and if needed one or if it was some new fabulous, unnecessary fad. A few friends gave me names of doulas and I began conducting interviews, not really even knowing what to ask these potential people that would be helping me with my birth.

Cindy was the third person I interviewed and as soon as we chatted on the phone, I felt at ease and an immediate connection (especially since we both were born and raised in Colorado). She explained her role as a doula was to enhance the experience of giving birth. The best way Cindy explained it to me was in the following scenario. When you are in a car and you are driving some place you have never been, it can be stressful. Perhaps you get lost and maybe you have some poor directions to that destination. And if you’re a married couple like my husband and I, being in a car and lost can be pretty tense to put it nicely. But if you have a third person in the car who has been to this destination before and knows the way, you can more easily enjoy the ride and the scenery.

My husband was obviously a bit nervous to have a stranger in our presence during such an intimate moment. But he was supportive of whatever I wanted and whomever I chose, because lets face it, he had no choice! But he also immediately felt comfortable with Cindy when we had our first meeting. Having Cindy in the hospital room was exactly like that car ride. It allowed my husband to relax and not have to feel like he needed to be the one in charge. Cindy was a nurturing, calming presence for both of us. We were a great team. There were no mean words towards my husband like those images you see on television. Having Cindy there singing, coaching, massaging and reminding me to breathe while my husband held my hand and looked scared but proud of me was the best experience. I would recommend every first time mom to hire a doula, especially Cindy. Save your money by forgoing those unnecessary and boring Lamaze classes. Although Cindy and most doulas recommend birthing classes, she provided me with many online videos and books to reference, I felt it was more informative than the group classes.

The best and most treasured gift Cindy provided me was a letter she composed of my birthing journey. She gave it to us when she came to our home for a follow up visit after my son was born. It was nice to have the journey written down in a story form to be able to share with our son when he is old enough. She recommended we write our own letter from our point of view while the memories were fresh. Good advice for sure. You think you'll never forget those precious 24 hours but trust me, a year later, those memories fade. I love that we have that letter to read from time to time.

Hiring Cindy will be your best decision and money well spent. If you are hesitating at all in hiring a Cindy as a doula, I hope his helps. She is the best!"
          - Leslie Lee Merlucci


"I feel completely and utterly blessed by the good fortune of having the presence of Cindy at the birth of my third baby in my home. Cindy is not only a dear friend but the kindest, sweetest, calmest and cheeriest person I know and I was so lucky she could be present for my last baby's birth. During the pregnancy Cindy was never more than a phone call, email, text or check-in visit away and available for questions, concerns and for mother-care body work when needed. Cindy worked wonderfully alongside my midwife and along with all her love and support, applied much needed counter-pressure against my backside to aid in the final portion of the delivery. Oh my, I wish I had known about that wonderful technique for my first two births! Afterwards we asked Cindy to help us out with some postpartum doula care.  Because of her special care of our newborn, I was able to sleep for several hours in a row for the first time after having a baby which really aided in my recovery and ability to relax into breastfeeding and bonding so sweetly with my last, special little one. I remember looking up at one point from my sleepy haze and seeing Cindy singing a lullaby to my precious baby, Phoenix, just like she was an angel sent from heaven- which is exactly what she was to me! I am forever grateful for her honoring of my wishes and helping to support me in creating the ecstatic home birth of my dreams for me. I love her so much, and so does her little god daughter, Phoenix! Any couple would be so lucky to have the privilege of having Cindy be their doula!"
          - Jenellen F.


"Brenda provided amazing help and support after the birth of my son in providing placental encapsulation. She arrived at my home exactly as planned to retrieve my placenta and returned the capsules a few days later, right on schedule. Not only did she provide the service, her manner and personality were welcome in my postpartum haze. Always cheery and, perhaps by coincidence, on her way to meet with a friend for some fun, she was a refreshing break from my postpartum stupor and, in my case, a reminder of what life looks like when the recovery from birth has passed.

Having dealt with postpartum depression after the birth of my first child and having issues with anemia during both pregnancies, I was willing to give anything a try. While I cannot say with certainty that placental encapsulation was the cause, I can say that I had no issues with depression or iron deficiency after the birth of my son. Brenda thoughtfully included ingredients meant to improve the palatability of the capsules and I had no issues with taste or digestion. I would recommend Brenda without hesitation to anyone considering placental encapsulation."

          - Stacia


"It is with great pleasure that we write to you in recommendation of Brenda Bancroft. Brenda began working for our family in November 2011.

I originally got to know Brenda as the office manager for the midwifery we attended. She is such a warm, friendly, trustworthy, knowledgeable, responsible person – I felt immediately at ease around her.

Brenda encapsulated my placenta, and had supplements ready for me by the time I started breastfeeding. I strongly believe that these capsules helped to promote lactation, stabilize my hormones, and prevent baby blues.

If you are thinking about adding Brenda to your birth team, all I can say is that you should absolutely take her on! She was a blessing for all of us and I am confident she will be an invaluable addition to your new family’s team as well."

All the best,
- Joanna, Brandon, and Lillian


"Brenda is incredible, and I am so grateful we had her. She kept me in a calm place and ever reminded of my goal. My husband and I were passionate about doing a home birth (which we were ultimately successful at achieving) , and Brenda was passionate about helping us achieve that.

The placenta capsules came at just the right time! They were super helpful getting me through baby blues.

I have a lot of love for Brenda. She is fantastic at what she does. She became a part of my heart that I will never be able to replace. I’m so grateful she was at my daughter’s birth."
          - Maile and Eric


"As new parents, my wife and I weren't sure about needing a Doula. I thought 'Hey, I'm a competent partner, I'm taking the classes and reading the books... maybe I can handle this'. But we are extremely glad we chose to have Brenda with us! My wife's labor was long and challenging and Brenda was always right where we needed her, not only for my wife but for me as well. We both felt very supported throughout the labor and it would have been much harder if she hadn't been with us. She is caring, personable and loves what she does and her excellent experience and knowledge is obvious and thorough. Our prenatal and postpartum visits with her were great and helped us feel more confident going into the birth and parenthood. The placenta encapsulation was a really nice bonus too! I would highly recommend Brenda to any and all expecting mothers and partners."
          - Ryan Hink


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